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Jul 28 2020

SMS TCX LinkedIn page

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The Sustainment Management System (SMS) Technical Center of Expertise (TCX) now has an official LinkedIn page! Be sure to follow the page to stay up to date with the latest SMS program updates, connect with others using SMS tools, and see the latest job openings.

The SMS program has widespread use as the DoD standard for the assessment of its installation real property infrastructure, including buildings - its largest asset class. The Department has implemented the SMS assessment approach on over 1.6 billion square feet of building facilities – more than two times the square footage of all commercial office space in Manhattan, NY. DoD services use the information and analysis results provided by SMS to build their long-range budgetary forecasts for facilities sustainment, restoration, modernization, demolition, and new military construction requirements, and to visualize and communicate the impact of different funding scenarios. SMS tools are also supporting other Federal agencies beyond DoD, and innovative tech transfer licensing has enabled state and local municipalities, as well as private entities, to benefit from the use of these tools for condition assessment, work needs identification, and facilities investment analysis.

SMS TCX LinkedIn page:

In addition to the official LinkedIn page, be sure you are subscribing to official SMS TCX emails/notifications. These notifications let you know when there are new releases or if there is a scheduled maintenance along with other SMS information.

To subscribe to SMS TCX notifications, follow this link and create an account or log into your existing account if you already have an SMS support account. After creating your account, you will have an option to click ‘subscribe’ to different categories (knowledgebase, downloads, news, etc.). (Please note this is not a BUILDER account but an account where you can create support tickets, and review ones that you have already submitted.) If you are looking to have an actual BULDER account created, you will need to follow the regular account access process for the BUILDER site in which access is being requested. See the “Request a BUILDER Account” article for more information about creating and obtaining a BUILDER account.


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