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Sep 29 2023

CMC Catalog Changes

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In anticipation of the upcoming launch of ESMS, there are a number of reference tables which must be standardized across the existing BUILDER databases.

During the course of the last month, we have deployed some of these Catalog changes to the BUILDER databases.  

Specifically, there are some changes to CMC ID fields, updated descriptions at the Component Type level (There were a several truncated descriptions), along with a few changes to categorization (Air Separators are now under Auxiliary Equipment rather than Air Distribution).

All of these changes were impact neutral, which means they did not change costs, or service life.

The Lookup files were also updated in order to consolidate "in the field" work with the web application.

If your organization has any specific questions about what changed within their catalog, please feel free to contact Support for a CMC Crosswalk (if applicable), or for any changes in descriptions.

Thank you kindly,

SMS Team

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