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Why are some functions "grayed" out? - Knowledgebase / BUILDER / Frequently Asked Questions - SMS Helpdesk

Why are some functions "grayed" out?

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 I can see Scenarios and Work Plan, but why are these tabs are "grayed" out? 


The functions that you are able to perform in BUILDER depend on your "Role" as a BUILDER User.  Limiting permissions to some of the functions in BUILDER helps maintain the integrity of the database.

The Point of Contact (POC) submitting the User Request form would have determined the Role you would be provided (i.e. Inspector Supervisor, Work Planner, Read-Only etc.).  If your role changes, the POC will need to communicate this change to


For more information about the types of roles and the access each role has, see BUILDER Roles. For more information about submitting an access request see Obtain A New BUILDER Account or  How do I request a BUILDER account

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