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Obtain A New BUILDER Account

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All BUILDER account requests must be submitted using the appropriate access request form, depending on the BUILDER instance. BUILDER access request forms are located at:  

Use the 'BUILDER Access Request form v 9.2 Air Force Personnel Only'  form to request access to the USAF BUILDER instance. To request access to all other BUILDER instances, use 'BUILDER Access Request form v 9.2' .


                                                                  BUILDER Access Request form v 9.2



                                           BUILDER Access Request form v 9.2 Air Force Personnel Only


For access to USAF:

Before requesting access to USAF Builder, users must complete training in accordance with AFCEC's SMS Playbook. Indicate the training date in the “Date Training Acquired” column and also list which training has been taken in the 'Comments' area of the form. Users requesting access to the USAF will also need to have their request form submitted by the appropriate POC for the location where access is being requested. 

 Note to Contractors: 

In addition to listing name, email, org/site and role, contractors requesting access to a BUILDER instance should provide this additional information in the 'Comments' area of the request request form:

  • Contract number
  • Contract period of performance dates

Submitting a request:

To submit the BUILDER Access Request Form, click the “Submit” button in the lower right of the form. If Adobe Acrobat is your default PDF application, this should automatically generate an email to SMS Support. The Submit function may not work if Adobe Acrobat is not installed or if your local network blocks the Submit function.

If you are unable to use the “Submit” button, create an email, attach the completed Builder Access Request Form, and send to . The support team will review your request and forward it to the appropriate approver or POC.  If there are issues with the request form, SMS Support will return the form to you with a request for additional information.  SMS Support is unable to create BUILDER accounts unless the appropriate approval is given. Users that have an existing account but have an issue logging in, please see the Existing User Login Assistance  article. 

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