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Existing User Login Assistance

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General Login Information for Current BUILDER Accounts

  • BUILDER will lock a user account after 3 failed password attempts within 24 hours
  • BUILDER accounts will automatically become disabled after a certain amount of inactivity (most BUILDER instances default to 35 days before disabling an inactive account upon the next login attempt).
  • Passwords must be changed every 90 days or as the BUILDER instance is configured (90 days is default). 
  • Users utilizing the CAC log-in feature are currently unable to change their password with their CAC credentials. A user's current password is required to change login credentials. 
  • Users that receive a new CAC will need to log in with a username and password to re-register their CAC.
  • Usernames are not case-sensitive whereas passwords ARE case sensitive

Common BUILDER Login Mistakes:

  • Logging into the wrong BUILDER instance - Ensure you are logging into the proper BUILDER instance. This can be found via the URL after the domain ( If you are attempting to login into a wrong BUILDER instance, correct your URL and attempt to login at the right BUILDER instance.
  • Bad Credentials - BUILDER usernames are not case sensitive but passwords are. Double check to make sure your caps-lock is not on. If you have case senstive characters in your password field, make sure you are properly inputting them. 
  •  CAC login - Logging in with a new CAC without registering the CAC beforehand in BUILDER will result in an error message that refers to the prior certificates. Users will need to login into with their current username and password. Once logged in, users can resister their new CAC to overwrite their CAC certificate stored by BUILDER.

What to do if you still have an issue with your BUILDER account:

  • All users on CERL hosted BUILDER instances that require log in assistance will need to contact support at
  • When contacting support please include the name of the BUILDER instance(or URL of the BUILDER instance where access is required), the username of the account requesting access, and a comment with whether the account needs to be reset or enabled.
  • A reset will provide a user with new log in credentials whereas enabling the account will not reset the user’s password. 
  • Users that do not already have an existing account will need to request a BUILDER account and have it approved before credentials will be distributed. For further information please see Obtain A New BUILDER Account for more information on requesting a new BUILDER account.
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