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Mark Fisher

The BUILDER API allows communication with computerized maintenance management systems (CMMSs) and other software through the use of service calls that create, transmit, modify, and delete BUILDER data objects.

This Guide to the BUILDER API contains:

  • Information for getting started with the API
  • Topical introduction to the API calls
  • A code example for each call
  • Sample use cases

The permissions you need in the BUILDER API to execute a given call will parallel those needed in the BUILDER Web interface to perform the same actions.

The permissions you have for operating via the BUILDER API are governed by the account (user name and password) that you use to set your credentials when configuring the API.

With the 2022 version, the BUILDER API now supports:

  • Attachments (these can be associated with assets or with inspections)
  • Inventory cost modifiers
  • Cost modifier libraries and lists
  • Selected calls for funding and funding sources
  • Cost books and cost records
  • Getting additional data sets (inflation books, RSL books)
  • Work items
  • Scenarios
  • Getting Facility/Building attributes using customized calls such as GetFacilityConstructionTypes
  • Getting selected work configuration information (policies, policy sequences, prioritization schemes)
  • Getting distress severity values and distress density values