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SMS BUILDER 3.6.7 Release Notes - News / Release Notes - SMS Helpdesk

Apr 10 2023

SMS BUILDER 3.6.7 Release Notes

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Release Date: February 24, 2023

Updates to CERL hosted sites will be scheduled with individual customer leads. Self-hosted customers and licensing partners can receive installers on or after the release date.


• Users can now change a site’s Cost Book and find an updated value at all levels. Users will no longer see complexes with cost book references that are different from the overall site's value when changing a site’s cost book.
• Users can now make and save changes in the General Multipliers tab in the Component-Section view of the Cost Book without a screen lock-up. Users can also save added text descriptions in the cost book without locking up.
• Users can now complete and close out a Work Item with the ‘Replace’ work activity without an error. Users will find that the Work Item update saves and creates a new initial inspection record.
• Users will no longer experience BUILDER application crashes when attempting to create a new project. The application no longer fails prior to the screen for adding a project definition.
• Users will no longer experience BUILDER installer failures. Users can now run the installer without errors.


• Updates have been made to the Create Inspection API function, which was only partially implemented in previous versions. Users can no longer add partial Inspection Data through the API.
• Updates have been made to the Category Codes in BUILDER. Users can now type in a Category Code, and a correct description of that Category Code will be available.
• Updates have been made to BUILDER so that if a Component-Section has a unit of measure that is set to allow decimal values, that Component-Section can now display those decimal values on the Inventory screen. Users can now input and save decimal values.
• Updates have been made to read-only restrictions. The read-only restriction no longer overrides the custom report permissions that allow users to run reports at organization levels above a user’s site access.
• Updates have been made to the “Help” link, which is now titled “BUILDER User Guide.” The BUILDER home page has also been updated to provide users with a link for a new user request, the SMS Learning Management System, SMS support content, and the link to subscribe to the news feed. The contact link has also been updated, as the previous link took users to an error page.
• Updates have been made to the login screen of OKTA-enabled BUILDER instances. Users will find that the OKTA login button appears prominently upon access. Users can also show the normal Username/Password/CAC login functionality by clicking the link text below the OKTA button.
• Updates have been made to implementing OKTA configuration values, which prevent future OKTA authentication functionality errors as a result of missing configuration values.

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