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SMS BUILDER 3.6.5 Release Notes - News / Release Notes - SMS Helpdesk

Apr 27 2022

SMS BUILDER 3.6.5 Release Notes

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Release Date: March 31st, 2022

Updates to CERL hosted sites will be scheduled with individual customer leads. Self-hosted customers and licensing partners can receive installers on or after the release date.

BUG Fixes:

  • Users can now use USAF BUILDER, version, and navigate to 'Tools - Administration - Application Settings' without BUILDER throwing an error or crashing the webpage.
  •  Users will find that the BUILDER Export template has the Work Item Description character limit set to 250. The BUILDER SQL database character limit is now in sync to have the same character limit to minimize failed BRED Export actions.
  •  Users can now have cost modifiers entered in UI to have four decimal points stored in the database without modifiers being rounded to two decimals.
  •  Users with master planner access only at a child Organization level are no longer able to change the name of the top Organization.
  • Users can now save new information to a Site. Users are able to save Site data even if none of the Reference Settings are established.
  • Users can now use BUILDER funding restrictions and find restrictions tied to a tree node level where funding was created (Organization/Site).
  • Users can now access the BUILDER34Preview, in the Add Building popup, and find that the Does Not Contain dropdown lists Fire Suppression. In previous versions, this was miss spelled.
  • Users can now create or modify a prioritization scheme without BUILDER creating/allowing duplicate prioritization scheme measures.
  •  Users can now send a request to the 3 Specific API Calls GetVersionBuilder(), GetVersionService(), GetVersions(), without any exceptions thrown.
  •  Users will find that all features presented by each configuration tool are functional. Users can now determine if features are no longer necessary or applicable and can remove/disable them from the tools.


  • Updates to the Refractor BUILDER API code have been made to address vulnerability when users create Organizations. A better implementation of the IF  or Select Case statement for permissions and data validation will reduce the chance of unwanted data entering the database.
  • Updates to existing help documentation deployed to BUILDER instances have been made. Users who utilize the online help documentation within BUILDER can expect a more accurate representation of the current software state.

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