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SMS BUILDER 3.6.4 Release Notes - News / Release Notes - SMS Helpdesk

Feb 23 2022

SMS BUILDER 3.6.4 Release Notes

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Release Date: February 24th, 2022

Updates to CERL hosted sites will be scheduled with individual customer leads. Self-hosted customers and licensing partners can receive installers on or after the release date.

BUG Fixes:

  • A BUILDER issue with saving changes in Functionality Assessment responses has been corrected. Previously, users were unable to change all or multiple sections and then ‘Save’.
  • A BUILDER Scenario module reference settings editing issue has been fixed. Reference settings for cost book, inflation book, service book, policy sequence and prioritization scheme change were not properly saving.
  • When creating/editing a Scenario and selecting the option to 'Copy First Year work items from BUILDER the scenario will no longer fail if there were no current fiscal year work items to pull from.
  • In BUILDER New Management, users will now receive a request for confirmation prior to deletion when attempting to delete a Scenario.
  •  When creating a Scenario in BUILDER New Management the reference settings (library settings) will now populate to the default settings of that site. This previously caused issues when users tried to copy work items from the scenario into work planning. Since the reference settings did not line up with the site settings, the application could not copy those work items over.
  • A duplication issue was fixed with the BUILDER Functionality screen that occurred when answering a question or changing an answer on an assessment. Questions and/or section headers will no longer be duplicated and the new or changed answer is now correctly reflected.
  • When creating a BUILDER Scenario in New Management the funding streams did not appear initially even if a 'constrained' scenario was selected. The "Funding" choices now initially appear in the Scenario area.
  • When creating a 'constrained' Scenario in the BUILDER New Management Scenario Module the funding streams were not saved correctly. The application no longer defaults to having all funding streams available at that location selected and allows the saving of specific ones.
  • The BUILDER New Management was causing the Scenario Module to skip 'completing' current Fiscal Year work items. Now, work generation will start at the current Fiscal Year and current FY work items will be marked as ‘completed’.
  •  In the BUILDER inventory tree a display issue has been fixed where "Attributes" was misspelled as "Attibutes" in the heading
  • BUILDER-KBI not generating current year inspections - The BUILDER application was skipping" the current year (FY22) and started generating from FY23 due to a miscalculation for inspections generated by the scheduler in Q1 of any given FY


  • Scenarios will now default to all systems selected instead of no systems selected. Scenarios created in New Management previously defaulted to having no systems selected. For users who typically leave the default settings in place this could potentially cause issues when running scenarios and copying over work items.
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