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Oct 18 2021

SMS BUILDER 3.6.3 Release Notes

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Release Date: October 17th, 2021


  •  Users can now delete an organization that has a cost book assigned as anything other than “Reference” without errors or rendering the organization hidden in navigation tree.
  •  Users can now run custom reports on a higher level organization without returning the results of lower level facilities that they may not have permissions to view.
  •  Users can now export buildings with work items that have long descriptions and concatenated comments without errors.
  • Users can now create image file names without an error being generated.
  •  Users can now open BUILDER Scenarios in all permission levels at sites and facilities and properly load scenario lists without error in an reasonable timeframe dependent upon network connectivity bandwidth.
  •  Users can now open and reopen an existing scenario in Builder Scenarios Management View without changes to the references unless user edits the references.
  •  Users can now create a new scenario in the Scenarios Management View and the new scenario value matches either the default reference settings if selected in the inventory screen or is the 1st value in the dropdown if no default is selected.
  •  Users can open an existing Functionality assessment (in the redesigned Functionality module) or create a new one and save it and answer or change answers to questions in the assessment and the answers or changes are displayed properly in the Functionality View.
  •  Users can now create scenario and configure multiple funding sources and select “Constrained” on a funding source within the Funding Tab and save the change. The user can now see the “Constrained” funding source within the funding source of the scenario on the Funding Tab
  •  Multiple bugs were included in this release from the SCB debugging effort contracted for FY21.


  • Removal of the feature (2942) that locked the Fields from Real Property (PRV, Category Code, SF, Year Built, facility name, facility number, building status, construction status, MDI (mission dependency index), RPUID) clearly indicating to the user as not editable. This will be reimplemented in an upcoming version after additional changes to make it more flexible in its configuration from one organization to another.
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