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SMS BUILDER 3.6.1 Release Notes - News / Release Notes - SMS Helpdesk

Mar 11 2021

SMS BUILDER 3.6.1 Release Notes

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Release Date: January 29th, 2021

Updates to CERL hosted sites will be scheduled with individual customer leads. Self-hosted customers and licensing partners can receive installers on or after the release date.

Bug Fixes

Update Facility Issue (API)

There was an issue with the UpdateFacility( ) function. The function would accept Guids for Sites and Organizations when it should only accept Guids for complexes.

This has been fixed so that the function only accepts Guids for Complexes.

GetFacilitiesByAlternateId( ) Issue (API)

Previously when an API user searched for a facility by alternate ID (RPUID) and there were multiple results that matched and the user had permission to at least one and also did not have permission to at least one of the results, the application would give the user a permissino error

This has been corrected so that the user now gets a list of all the results to which they have permissions

Section Status Field Updating Issue (API)

There was an issue preventing API users from being able to update the "Current status" field of component sections.

This issue has been corrected.

Facility Usetype UOM Property Issue (API)

Previously the UOM_ID property was missing from the Facility UseType.

This has been changed and the UOM_ID property has been added.

API Error Messages

Previously when a user would try to create an inventory item when the parent inventory item was locked (ex. creating a new section in a locked building), an incorrect error message would be sent to  the user.

This has been corrected and now the user receives the correct error message.

Library Pages Permission Issue

Previously the permissions to the Library pages were not restrictive enough. 

This has been changed so that only Work Planners and Master Planners can access the library pages.

Cost Modifier Assignment Issue

There was an issue in the web application that prevented some users from assigning or seeing cost modifiers in the inventory pages.

This issue has been corrected.

Workplan Project Results Display Issue

There was a bug that affected number of items displayed on "Projects" pages in the work planning tool. This has been fixed so that the results show as pages that the user can navigate through

Complex Naming issue

Previously users would name a complex "Unassigned", it would cause the complex to disappear from the web UI. This is because "unassigned" is a reserved keyword in the Builder application. 

Changes have been made so that users can no longer name complexes "Unassigned"

Complex Facility Management Multi-Select issue

Previously users could not select multiple facilities in the "Facilities Management" tab on the Complex Inventory pages.

This has been fixed so users can select multiple buildings at once.

Inflation Rate Calculation

Previously there was an error in the application that caused any inflation rate calculations for years after 2030 to be incorrect.

This has been addressed and any future inflation rate calculations should all be correct.

Organization-Level Project Creation Issue (Work Plan)

There was an issue that prevented users from creating new projects at the Organization level in the Work Planning Modules.

This has been fixed so that users can again  create new projects at the Organization level.

Costbook Nesting Issue (Cost Book Management)

There was an issue that allowed users to create new Costbooks hierarchically nested under other Costbooks (Costbooks should only fall hierarchically under Sites and Organizations).

This issue has been fixed so that Cost books can only be created under Organizations or Sites

Feature improvements

Work Plan loading times

We had received reports from several customers that the loading times for the Work Plan pages needed improvement.

A number of database optimizations have been implemented in 3.6.1 to address this.  Loading times for the Work Plan pages have been significantly improved.

Rollup Optimizations

Database optimizations which improve the rollup times have also been implemented in 3.6.0

Facility Summary Sort/Search by RPUID (Alternate ID)

The ability to filter results by RPUID (Alternate ID) has been added to the Facility Summary pages.

Global Rollup Confirmation Dialog

Previously there was no confirmation dialogue when a user would select the "Global Rollup" option. Because global rollups can take a long time, a confirmation dialogue has been added.

This helps prevent having to wait for a Rollup when the user misclicks.

Lookup Table Updates (BRED)

Updates have been made to the BRED lookup tables

Section Display Names (WEB UI)

Changes have been made so that now the entire section name displays in the navigator pane in the Web UI

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