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SMS BUILDER 3.5.5 Release Notes - News / Release Notes - SMS Helpdesk

Apr 27 2020

SMS BUILDER 3.5.5 Release Notes

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Release Date: May 4th, 2020

Updates to CERL hosted sites will be scheduled with individual customer leads. Self-hosted customers and licensing partners can receive installers on or after the release date.

BUILDER Web Application

New Features

Inventory Attributes:

Add Custom Attributes to BUILDER inventory. This feature can be used for one-off custom attributes for a single Facility or Component-Section or an attribute created by a BUILDER administrator to be applied across the site. To view/edit the Attributes of a particular inventory item, select the desired item in the Navigation Tree and then select the Attributes tab on the right hand potion of the screen. Site-wide Attributes can be managed by users with appropriate permissions from this screen as well in the current iteration. Future iterations of BUILDER will allow this to be managed by selecting Attributes under the Tools-Library menu in the top toolbar. 

Bug Fixes

Application Programming Interface (API)

  • (3310) Site fetch returns Null Parent ID - There was an issue with the API "GetSite" and "GetChildSites" method calls where the returned sites did not have their "ParentID" properties set correctly. This has been corrected so the returned sites now return the correct ParentID property.
  • (3306) Multiple inspections on the same date - Previously Builder had the assumption built in that there could only be one inspection for each date. This did not allow for use cases when multiple different inspectors complete an inspection on the same date. This has been fixed so that now API and web users can multiple inspections for a section with the same dates, as long as the inspections are from different inspectors.
  • (3312) Facility Status field not being copied - Previously there was a bug which blocked API users from updating facility status. This has been corrected so that now facilities created/modified through the API now reflect the correct Status. The Datamember, StatusId, for the API methods CreateFacility and UpdateFacility can be used to change a facility's status.
  • (3313) API missing conversion factor in Units of Measure (UoM) - Previously the API was missing a way to get the conversion factor for units of measure. The API now has an access to this. The API call GetUnitOfMeasure(int) now returns an object with the Datamember "ConversionFactor", a multiplier for converting US units to Metric units.


  • (3292) Component Section Inventory Fields Overlap - Fixed a cosmetic issue where fields on the Builder Component Section Inventory page Overlap
  • (3294) Made Titles in Tables Less Ambiguous - There were several tables throughout the BUILDER application where the column titles were simply "Name". These column titles have been changed to more accurately describe the objects they represent.
  • (3299) Work Plan Filtering - There was a bug in the Work Plan pages that prevented users from filtering Work Plans by Facility name. This has been corrected so the results are filtered properly.
  • (3300) Removed Disabled Menu Options - Previously in the "Create New Work Item" page, if a selection option was disabled it still appeared to be enabled. Now, options that are not available to users are removed from the option list


No BRED changes in this release.

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