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SMS BUILDER 3.5.4 Release Notes - News / Release Notes - SMS Helpdesk

Jan 28 2020

SMS BUILDER 3.5.4 Release Notes

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Release Date: February 10th, 2020

Updates to CERL hosted sites will be scheduled with individual customer leads. Self-hosted customers and licensing partners can receive installers on or after the release date.

BUILDER Web Application

Bug Fixes

Application Programming Interface (API)

  • (3174) Config issues for API - There were 2 issues corrected. One was affecting API users from accessing the catalog manager service, which is an endpoint for users to get lists/descriptions of API calls and API structures. The second issue corrected was one preventing API users from uploading photos to inspections
  • (3160) Change API Error messages for clarity - Previously when API users would attempt to update systems/components/sections that were locked in BRED, they would receive the error message "User does not have permission to make these changes" Now the error messages have been updated to specify if the item is locked for clarity.
  • (3003) Added Component Section Status - Previously The API did not have calls for Component Sections to get or set the "Status" field. This has been corrected so that now Component_Section API objects have access to this field. 
  • (3309) WorkItem Completion Date Error - There was an error with the BuilderAPI where WorkItems with no specified completion date automatically had their completion dates set to the current date. This has been corrected so API WorkItem inputs have no "Completion Date" value by default and only set a value if a date is provided
  • (3307) Get Section Cost Modifiers - There was an issue where Cost Modifiers would appear null for component sections accessed by the API, even when the section had Cost Modifiers assigned. This has been fixed so component section cost modifiers are represented correctly when accessing component sections through the API.

Work Planning

  • (3233) Scenario Cost Modifier Issues - There was a bug preventing users from un-assigning a cost modifier in scenarios once it was assigned. This has been fixed cost modifier assignment works correctly.
  • (3291) Inventory Events Functionality - In older versions of Builder, users had the ability to add "Inventory Events" to their scenario. This gave users the ability to add new buildings to sites/complexes at given years in the scenario (New Inventory Events), as well schedule buildings to change their status at a later date (i.e. set a building to be demolished at a future date). These features have been reintroduced to the "new Scenario Management" page in the "Edit Scenario Options window"


  • (3280) Added Building Status for Building Policies - Building status is a field for buildings that has recently been added to Builder. Users can now set building status as a criteria when defining policies.
  • (3286) Implement ReCaptcha on Forgot Password Screen - Previously ReCaptcha was only implemented on the main login page. Now, ReCaptcha is also implemented on the "Forgot Password" page, adding more security against automated cyber security threats
  • (3219) KBI and Rapid Inspection improvements - Previously after generating inspections schedules with the KBI tool, the page was not automatically refreshed. To users this would make it appear as though no inspections were scheduled until they closed and reopened the window. This has been corrected so that the page is automatically refreshed after inspection schedules are generated
  •  * Previously when using the RapidInspection tool, the window would close after every transaction, causing users to have to re-select the set of buildings they were inspecting for each transaction. This has been improved so that now the window stays open, maintaining the set of buildings the users have selected
  •  (3293) UI cleanup - Previously in the "Cost Analysis" tab for WorkItems in the WorkPlanning menu, there were buttons with no functionality. These buttons have been removed.
  • (3334) CostModifier Assignment in Builder Inventory - There was a bug preventing users from assigning CostModifiers at all levels through the Builder Inventory menus. This has been corrected so users can assign cost modifiers through the Inventor menus.


Bug Fixes

  • (3221) Multiple BRED Export Issue - Previously, when a building fell under a complex, a user could export the building but the building would not be locked for export at the site or complex levels. This has been corrected so a building cannot be exported multiple times.
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