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SMS BUILDER 3.5.3 Release Notes - News / Release Notes - SMS Helpdesk

Oct 25 2019

SMS BUILDER 3.5.3 Release Notes

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Release Date: October 28th, 2019 

Updates to CERL hosted sites will be scheduled with individual customer leads. Self-hosted customers and licensing partners can receive installers on or after the release date.

BUILDER Web Application

New Features

ReCaptcha for web login

ReCaptcha verification has been added to the web login page. ReCaptcha is a verification tool used to determine if an agent attempting to access a system is a robot. This feature significantly hampers unauthorized users from gaining access to the site through automated login attempts.

This feature is disabled by default to accommodate for customers who do not have internet access, as ReCaptcha verification requires an internet connection. For site administrators on non ERDC-CERL instances of BUILDER, consult the updated Installation Guide for ReCaptcha configuration if this capability is desired. 

Bug Fixes

Application Programming Interface (API)

  • (3041) When users access the API or perform batch processing with the API, their activity is now logged and their "Last Login" is updated. This prevents users from having their account erroneously locked from account inactivity.
  • (3099) WorkItems completed through the API now automatically generate an inspection in the same way as the UI.
  • (3180) WorkItems with the activity "Replace" and status "Complete" now automatically propagate changes to the replaced sections.
  • (3186) Added a field named "NewType" for WorkItems created and edited through the API. This field allows API users to specify a new type of component for "Replace Component" WorkItems.
  • (3187) Estimated WorkItem costs can now be updated through the API
  • (3188) When API users would load a facility, not all of the facility metrics were loading. This has been corrected so all the facility metrics now load.
  • (3206) Inspections created through the API were having their Source set as "incomplete". This has been corrected so that the inspection sources accurately reflect the API input.
  • (3240) Changes to Facility "Status" made in the API were not properly being propagated through the system. Now API changes to "Status" propagate correctly.
  • (3241) Changes to Facility MDIOverwrite through the API were not being propagated through the system. This has been corrected so changes made in the API affect the system correctly. 
  • (3242) Inspections created through the API were not populating the inspection rating radio-buttons in the UI. This has been corrected so inspections created/competed in the API affect the system the same as UI entered/completed inspections.

Work Generation / Scenarios

  • (3161) There was an issue that prevented users from running scenarios with funding constraints in some situations. This has been corrected so users can run scenarios with funding constraints.
  • (3183) Inflation was not being applied to the cost of WorkItems generated through scenarios in the same way as manually generated WorkItems. This has been corrected so Inflation is applied the same for all WorkItems across the application.
  • (3198) There was an issue where running scenarios with overlapping Inventory scope concurrently yielded inconsistent results. This has been corrected to allow for running multiple scenarios with overlapping selected inventory scope concurrently.

Work Planning

  • (3054) The ability to define how funding is applied in Work Generation and Scenario Work Items via Funding Restrictions has been restored.
  • (3211) With the addition of POM Scenarios and FCI Policies, users would experience issues funding work items in Work Plan. When users would try to fund WorkItems, funding was not properly applied if there was no FCI Policy specified for the subject Site/Organization. This has been corrected so funding is properly applied with or without specifying an FCI policy.
  • (3231) Corrected an issue where attempting to generate WorkItems from an Organization level would cause an error if the Organization had any Sites with no facilities. 
  • (3235) Previously, when generating WorkItems, if there was a component with no sections in the organization, this caused WorkItem generation to fail. This has been corrected so that WorkItem generation does not fail.
  • (3236) Previously scenarios were failing if a component was missing an initial inspection. This has been corrected so lacking an initial inspection does not cause scenarios to crash.


  • (3154) The visual container border around Reference Settings on the General Info. tab has been corrected to properly encompass all drop-down options. 
  • (3155) Previously, the Condition Trend graphs were rendered in blue and green.  This has been adjusted so that blue-green color combinations are not used when rendering graphs to provide color-blind friendly schemes allowing for easier distinction between the chart elements.
  • (3204) An issue existed where buildings in the organizational hierarchy tree were not all sorted correctly. This has been corrected so that buildings are now ordered as expected.


Bug Fixes

Image Attachments

  • (2788) Image imports through BRED were classified incorrectly, making images not visible following import to BUILDER. Similar behavior occurred when these images were exported from BUILDER and attempted to be viewed in BRED.  This has been fixed so attaching images with BRED works as intended.

Aesthetic Improvements

  • (3190) Fixed the layout of the text-boxes in the Facility-related menus. Previously, some elements were overlapping on the page.
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