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Apr 9 2019

SMS BUILDER 3.4.3 Release Notes

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Release Notes for BUILDER 3.4.3

FIXED – Functionality assessments are now properly displaying the percent completion field for assessments where applicable.

FIXED – The “Historic” checkbox on the building inventory screen is now functioning as expected.

FIXED – Changes to a Component Section that would affect the Component Section Condition Index was not being reflected in a Facility’s rollup.

FIXED – In Cost Books, the general multiplier text box for the Building level costs now saves correctly.

FIXED – An update to Internet Explorer caused BRED Exports and Rollups to appear as if they froze mid-process. A fix has been applied to BUILDER to accommodate IE’s new behavior.

FIXED – Component Section’s with long descriptions were previously wrapping incorrectly in the Inventory tree, causing the description to start on a new line. This has been corrected to display more naturally.

FIXED –Inspection work items were incorrectly creating new inspections when their status was set to “Completed”.

FIXED – An update to BUILDER required by a recent security protocol scan added requirements for checking for user inactivity that would enact user locks if outside the acceptable time window. BUILDER 3.4 required an upgraded version of SQL Server and a database configuration was not properly migrated. This combination put users outside of the acceptable time window in a limbo state of not being able to log in, but not actually being locked out.

FIXED – An upgrade to the inventory tree caused the new page element to think there was a cross site scripting issue with data with which BUILDER was populating the inventory tree. A correction was made to allow BUILDER to display the required data while still protecting against cross site scripting vulnerabilities.

FIXED – BUILDER Component Subtype descriptions corrected.

FIXED – Users can now save changes to the Site pages.

FIXED – Users utilizing the BUILDER API Webservice can now save Section Alternate ID information.

FIXED – A network security related setting had previously disabled images from displaying in Custom Reports.

FIXED – Users with less than Master Planner permission level can now view inspections that are outside the inspection window.

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