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SMS BUILDER 3.3.7 Release Notes - News / Release Notes - SMS Helpdesk

Mar 12 2019

SMS BUILDER 3.3.7 Release Notes

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  • Enhancement: BUILDER now supports session-state mode
  • Enhancement: Converted nvarchar36 data to GUID
  • Security: Fixed vulnerability to cross-site scripting on smart card login page
  • Security: Updated jquery used by login page
  • Change: Inspection Supervisors no longer have permissions to delete facilities
  • Change: Future dates are no longer permitted when entering inspections
  • Change: Work items treated as completed by Impact are now marked as "Budgeted" instead of "Awaiting Funds"
  • Fix: CI color coding is now correct throughout BUILDER
  • Fix: Removed dead links in Help > About
  • Fix: Facility summary page now filters properly on numeric columns
  • Fix: Building use field can now be changed without first removing existing use
  • Fix: Deleting an image now immediately refreshes the display


BRED 3.3.7

  • Enhancement: Buildings are now sorted alphabetically when copying inventory
  • Change: Made data format changes to match updated BUILDER format
  • Change: Section name field is now 50 characters, which matches BUILDER
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