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SMS BUILDER 3.3.10 Release Notes - News / Release Notes - SMS Helpdesk

Mar 12 2019

SMS BUILDER 3.3.10 Release Notes

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BUILDER 3.3.10

  • Fix: Estimated CSCI on new Green+ inspections now match inspection CSCI.
  • Fix: Cost books can again be viewed at the component section level.
  • Fix: Master Planners can now delete Orgainzations and Sites.
  • Fix: Multiple Standard reports will now run without first closing and reloading the "Standard Reports" selector.
  • Fix: Deleting a node on the navigation tree no longer collapses the tree.
  • Fix: Buildings with Efiiciency Assessment data can now be deleted.
  • Fix: Exports of image archive to BRED no longer contain non-image file types.
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