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What do Roll-ups do, and when should I run them? - Knowledgebase / BUILDER / Frequently Asked Questions - SMS Helpdesk

What do Roll-ups do, and when should I run them?

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What do roll-ups do and when should I run them?


 The process of rolling up a facility, complex, or site involves the data being refreshed and recalculated from the database to the application.  The process "rolls up" the CI values from one level of the inventory hierarchy to the next in a methodical manner, beginning with component-sections and ending with the site (or parent group if one is included in the inventory). BUILDER™ is designed to perform the rollup recalculation on your command. This process does not need to be repeated frequently, but it should be done periodically, especially:

  • If you have not performed the rollup within the last 6 months
  • If you have entered a large number of new condition assessments
  • If you need the most current Condition Index measures to develop a new work plan.

BUILDER itself performs a nightly roll-up of all data that has been changed during the previous day, so it is not necessary to perform a Roll-up after imports of BRED data or after adding Assessments unless the data is needed immediately.

Note: The roll up can take an extended period of time if it is initiated at a higher level within the hierarchy.


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