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ROOFER- roll-ups

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ROOFER does not automatically rollup overnight.   In order to calculated the current Roof Condition Index, Insulation Condition Index, and other Indices, the rollup process must be started manually.  The process "rolls up" the index values from one level of inventory hierarchy to the next in a methodical manner, beginning with Roof-Sections and ending with the Site (or parent Organization if one is included int he inventory).  ROOFER is designed to perform the rollup recalculation on your command.  You should perform this rollup calculation frequently, but especially when:

  • You have entered a large number of new condition assessments.
  • You have not performed the rollup within the last 6 months
  • You need the most current condition index measures to develop a new work plan.  

Author: Brenda Mehnert

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