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PAVER 7.06 Changes, 29 March 2016 - Knowledgebase / PAVER - SMS Helpdesk

PAVER 7.06 Changes, 29 March 2016

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There has been over 100 improvements and/ or bug fixes since the release of 7.05, the lists below 
some of the significant improvements.
1.  Significant Improvements
•    Work Plan views: Added the section area to section specific views, figure-1.
•    GIS section display: the selected section is now framed in Red, figure-2.
•    GIS Selector: Improved the appearance of sample units on the map, figure 2.
•    GIS Reports: Latest Conditions - RBC - Add date to PCI display, figure 3.
•    Translation: Improved French translation and added Spanish airfield distresses, figure 4.
•    Windows Communication Foundation(WCF): This is the first release of the WCF server install. 
This service will allow other users to connect to a server and use the same PAVER database, figure 
5. Also see Appendix I in the User guide under PAVER Help.

7 06 changes 2016 03 29_Fig1.bmp

Figure 1 – Work Plan Global by section view showing section area.

7 06 changes 2016 03 29Figure2.bmp

Figure 2 – GIS Selector


 7 06 changes 2016 03 29Figure3.bmp

 Figure 3 – GIS Condit


 7 06 changes 2016 03 29Figure4.bmp

Figure 4 – Improved French translation


 7 06 changes 2016 03 29Figure5.bmp

Figure 5 – WCF connect


2. Minor Improvements and bug fixes

Trend Report - When re-sorting the history table by date the sort the report now properly sorts by date value.
User defined Report - Map It Feature not working properly.
Added an XML export from the User defined Report reports.
Table and graph tool printing now properly displays the dialog box for printing.
Right button click presentation of the PCI now shows the last inspection PCI.
Repaired maps where non wgs84 layers with both section and sample maps could cause some refresh issues.
Improved the right button click menu item order adjustment feature.
Improved the alpha sort of the legends on the GIS map.
Last inspected distresses for PCC pavements now sum by sample unit - like is done for AC pavements.
The condition stabilization year display has been corrected.
Improved Required Work and Project Planner for selecting sections.
Repaired the feature allowing the user to change the global delta T in the system tables.
Improved the Export Grid to XLS,XML feature.
Repaired issues with the XML Inspection import.
Repaired issues with the Export of files containing only family modeling data.
Joint seal damage (or Distresses in Frame by Frame) now will show up when imported from FieldInspector.
Other Changes/Improvements
Improved the speed of the Verify Section Construction History routine.
Several improvements with the EMS Query Tool to stabilize performance.
Improvements to the Family Assignment Screen UI.
Repaired issues related updating current and historical values in Inventory

Author:  Brenda Mehnert, Nisha Aggarwal

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