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I am having issues with reports, what can I do?

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I am having issues running my reports, what can I do?


To begin with, make sure you have permissions to run reports at the location you have selected. You may be able to see certain organizations but if you do not have a role at all locations under an organization then you will not be able to run reports at the organization level. You will need to navigate down to the site you have permissions at to run reports as noted below:  


In the above example, we are reporting on NJ - New Jersey Site. On the right-side we are choosing 'Custom' reports. Please note we do not support the standard reports and you should avoid the standard reports if possible. Once we select 'Custom' reports, a pop-up window appears allowing us to choose which report we would like to run as noted below:  



In the image above we have chosen to run the Final 06 - Distress Survey Details Report from the drop-down menu.  Then we will need to click 'Run Report' to run the report after we have chosen the report we wish to run. The report will immediately start executing and you will see a spinning wheel indicating the report is loading. Once the report is finished, the pop-up window will change and appear similar to the image below: 


The image displays the 'Report Preview' pane. Please note that the area shaded in red may not always be visible.  If you are using Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox this area will appear blank. That does not mean the report did not run but rather the web browser is not displaying the preview. You will need to click the 'Save' icon, circled in red, to export the report. Once you export the report you can open the file that was saved to your machine to see the data.  

If you still have any issues not explained by this document, please email support at .

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