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How do I add a building?

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How do I add a building?


First, determine if your BUILDER instance utilizes Real Property and has quarterly updates which may have already created the building. If you are working in in one of those BUILDER instances and the Real Property has not been preloaded for your site, please contact to inquire if the buildings already exists elsewhere in an area you do not have access to. When contacting the support desk, please include the (BUILDER instance name, building number, name, and RPUID if available). 

To add a building, you will need to add the building at the Site level (designated by a flag icon). Right click on the site or use the "add building" icon in the menu bar.

You should have the following information available to enter in BUILDER:

Building number, building name, building use (a category code), year built, number of floors, and square footage of the building.  


After you add the building, the building will appear just under the site. If you need to move the building to a complex, see How do I move buildings from one complex to another complex.

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