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Equipment Mapper

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                                                                                                Equipment Mapper is now available

What is EquipMapper?

EquipMapper is a tool that assists customers who are transferring information from another asset management system into BUILDER™ instead of entering asset information directly into BUILDER from scratch. When you have existing information stored about assets that are contained in one or more buildings/facilities, EquipMapper can help you import this facility information into BUILDER.

Before you consider bringing your existing data (legacy) into BUILDER, please consider the following:

1.  Has the data been maintained or is it up to date?

2.  Is your data consistent or are there gaps in your data?

3.  Is your data easily classified or in some format that can easily be classified to Uniformat II?

4.  Is your data sectioned the way that you want to continue to manage it in BUILDER?

If the data is old and has not been maintained, it will be more time consuming to "search" for inventory that may not exist.


What information storage formats does EquipMapper help transfer inventory information from?

EquipMapper helps transfer facility information stored in the following formats:

  • Generic Flat File format (instructions provided)
  • BUMED - Updated RPIE Format
  • NNSA - Flat File Format
  • USAF AETC/ACC (Access)

How do I get started?

To transfer facility information into BUILDER from one of the formats listed above using EquipMapper, you need to have the following software installed on your computer:

  • The latest version of BuilderRED, downloadable from the SMS website at:
  • Microsoft Access, version 2010 or later.
  • EquipMapper (also available at the previous link)


Note:  You will also have to have access to the internet, along with access to the BUILDER web application.

Author: Mark Fisher, Brenda Mehnert

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