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Certificate of Networthiness (CoN)- RAILER 6.x

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Certificate # 201418294

approved 10/28/2014, expires 10/28/2017


Railer Sustainment Management System 6.x is a knowledge-based track management program that gives

planners decision support in the sustainment, restoration, and modernization of their track (rail) network. Railer

combines condition assessment, work plan generation, and spatial analysis to provide support for managers to

make informed decisions. Railer is an installation-level PC application for collection of railroad inventory,

conditions, and work requirements to repair deficiencies. The information collected is focused on asset

management. Railer provides facility management personnel with the ability to create, edit, and delete records

using a local database file. These records are used to manage repairs on the rail system.

This application does not traverse the network. The application is installed on the desktop computer. The users

access and enter data to the program at their workstation. The product does not pull data or transmit data to

any other devices, systems, or servers. The data is saved to a MS Access .mdb file format. The data stays

internal to the local enclave.



CoN Link:

POC: /(520)538-1199

This Certificate of Networthiness is based on a trusted standardized platform, configured per FDCC. All patches

and updates will be provided by the host network administrator (NEC or DECC) in accordance with all technical

directives, mandates, and IAVM. This Certificate of Networthiness is no longer valid should the assessed

configuration be significantly altered. Per Army Cyber Command guidance, all operating environment will

implement HBSS capabilities. Upon expiration of this Certificate of Networthiness, this application must be

reassessed to ensure it is still compliant with the GNEC architecture and is still networthy. Should this software

version be upgraded prior to this expiration, the new version must be evaluated for networthiness.

Author:  Brenda Mehnert, Nisha Aggarwal

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