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Certificate of Networthiness (CoN)- PAVER 7.x

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Certificate:  201417338

Approved 5/2/2014, Expires 5/2/2017


PAVER 7.x is a Government developed application that enables users to inventory, assess conditions, and

analyze annual work requirements for pavement assets on the installation. This product provides the following

pavement management capabilities: assesses the current condition of pavements; develops models to predict

future conditions; reports on past and future pavement performance; develops scenarios for M&R based on

budget or condition requirements; and plan projects. PAVER is used as a requirement of DA PAM 420-11.

PAVER is a desktop application installed on a workstation. Data is entered into the program manually, and all

data is saved either to the computer or a shared drive. Data stays internal to the local enclave. PAVER 7.x

operates on an Army Golden Master (AGM) compatible platform.


• This is an upgrade from Cert# 201315357.

CoN Link:


POC: /(520)538-1199

This Certificate of Networthiness is based on a trusted standardized platform, configured per FDCC. All patches

and updates will be provided by the host network administrator (NEC or DECC) in accordance with all technical

directives, mandates, and IAVM. This Certificate of Networthiness is no longer valid should the assessed

configuration be significantly altered. Per Army Cyber Command guidance, all operating environment will

implement HBSS capabilities. Upon expiration of this Certificate of Networthiness, this application must be

reassessed to ensure it is still compliant with the GNEC architecture and is still networthy. Should this software

version be upgraded prior to this expiration, the new version must be evaluated for networthiness.


CON Renewal Extension 20170831

Author:  Brenda Mehnert, Nisha Aggarwal

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