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BUILDER Custom Reports

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The BUILDER Standard Reports are built into the BUILDER SMS application developer code. The Standard reports provide users with some of the most basic and frequently requested outputs. These reports comprise a report suite common to all BUILDER instances and clients. These standard reports require a developer to modify them, whereas the custom reports are designed for specific customer requests/needs and if necessary can be modified directly by the SMS Support Help Desk (

The BUILDER Custom Reports are designed and developed OUTSIDE of the BUILDER code for the BUILDER SMS Application. These reports are easier to modify and designed to expand the reporting capability of a BUILDER instance beyond what the Standard Reports provide.

Within the Custom Reports, there is a core set of reports prefixed with the words “Final”, “QC” and “QA”. These reports can be modified and are intended to help users during their data quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC) phase as a means to review their data at the various levels of the BUILDER hierarchy. This core set of custom reports is available to all BUILDER customers.

In addition to this core set of Custom Reports, there are other customized reports. These customized reports may have global usefulness to other users, but were originally drafted to fill a specific need for a specific customer. Some of these customized reports may be also be utilized and deployed on other BUILDER instances.

The set of Custom Reports at different levels of the hierarchy can be modified, based on the customer’s requirements.  The Custom Reports (see Figure 1) list/available will differ depending upon where in the BUILDER hierarchy your cursor has selected and the Reports can be launched in BUILDER from the following levels:

  • ORGANIZATIONOrg-pic.png
  • SITESite-pic.png
  • COMPLEXComplex-pic.png
  • FACILITYFacility-pic.png 

If a user has selected a SITE within the BUILDER Inventory hierarchy tree and then chooses the Custom Reports menu, the drop-down menu (see Figure 2) will display a list of SITE-LEVEL reports. The drop-down menu may offer considerably different choices if a user has selected an object at the ORGANIZATION, COMPLEX or FACILITY level.

Figure 1. BUILDER Custom/Standard Reports location:


Figure 2.  List of Custom Reports (BUILDER Example showing a Site selected in the left pane and the Custom Reports window for Site level report selection.):


When a custom report is selected from the drop-down menu, BUILDER will send a “key” to the report at run-time and the report will be filtered using that “key” (the key being the hierarchy selected). For example, when a SITE-LEVEL report is selected, then BUILDER will send the SITE-KEY to the report and the report will be filtered to deliver results for that Site only. The same goes for reports at the ORGANIZATION, COMPLEX and FACILITIES level. This key will be passed to the report to act as a filter and the report will deliver results for that single ORGANIZATION, single COMPLEX or single FACILITY that was chosen at run-time.

Some reports are designed to be printable and exportable to PDF for printing or distributing. Other reports are tabular in nature and are designed to be exportable to EXCEL.

Steps to run a Custom Report:

  1. In the “INVENTORY” BUILDER area, select Reports (located in the middle of the page as shown in Figure 1.
  2. Select Custom Reports from the drop down.
  3. Once the needed custom report is selected, select “Run Report” (see Figure 2/3)
  4. The custom report will run. Once the report has “run” and completed, a blue disk will be available to select as shown in Figure 3.
  5. Select the blue disk drop down that shows the different file types available to download the report.
  6. The report may open another window in your browser while it is downloading.
  7. Once the report has downloaded, it will be available for you to open, view or save in the “Downloads” area of your computer.

Figure 3. Blue disk and file type available


For any further questions or inquiries regarding BUILDER reporting needs or capabilities, please send email correspondence to

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