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USDA BRED Lookup file

Paul Paisley


Maintaining your local BRED ‘Lookup’ file with the latest version is a critical part of utilizing the BRED application to edit BUILDER data. This is how you can be sure the same systems, components, sections and distresses allowed as input to BRED are in synch with the respective tables for the associated BUILDER instance. This will prevent some related error messages from occurring during the data migration process between BRED and BUILDER.  Please follow the steps below to update your ‘Lookup’ file.

Download Instructions: 

1)    First,  a user with ‘Administrator’ privileges  will need to download the file by clicking the 'Download' button.  For any issues, the direct URL for this .mdb download is .

2)    In order for the BRED application to access the new file, you will need to replace your old file by moving it to the below directory on your local computer/workstation :  C:\ProgramData\ERDC-CERL\SMS BUILDER RED

Once these steps are complete then you are all set to download and edit your BRED files!

*Please note that this is a .mdb file and certain networks can restrict those types of files. If you have issues downloading this file, please reach out to and provide the version of the Lookup file that you are needing.