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BRED CoN 03.21.2022

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Certificate # 201823092

Approved: 03/01/2022, Expires 02/28/2024

Business Installations & Environment Business Application


Builder Remote Entry Database (BRED) 3.x is a Government developed desktop application that acts as an offline editor for data files

gathered from the Builder website. BRED provides facility management personnel with the ability to create, edit, and delete building

records in an offline format separate from the Builder enterprise database. The information collected is focused on asset

management. Data elements include asset classification, year installed, quantity (i.e. square feet of roof, number of doors, linear feet

of plumbing or wiring), and lifecycle rating (i.e. at 50% of design life). Users open building data files in BRED during the building

assessment process and enter the pertinent building record changes.

Builder Remote Entry Database (BRED) 3.x is installed on the users current Windows workstation. BRED is downloaded from a

secure website. The user accesses the application from the desktop icon. The user logs into a secure web portal and downloads the

building data files to a workstation. The data is viewed and edited by the BRED program. Data is saved on the local workstation, and

the data stays internal to the local enclave.


• This is a renewal for Certificate 201416789.

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1. Application code must be analyzed for security flaws, malicious code, and backdoors prior to deployment for integrity


POC: /(520)538-1199

This Certificate of Networthiness is based on a trusted standardized platform, configured per FDCC. All patches and updates will be

provided by the host network administrator (NEC or DECC) in accordance with all technical directives, mandates, and IAVM. This

Certificate of Networthiness is no longer valid should the assessed configuration be significantly altered. Per Army Cyber Command

guidance, all operating environment will implement HBSS capabilities. Upon expiration of this Certificate of Networthiness, this

application must be reassessed to ensure it is still compliant with the GNEC architecture and is still networthy. Should this software

version be upgraded prior to this expiration, the new version must be evaluated for networthiness.

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